viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010


1.- ¿what is the most common greenhouse gas emmited from human activities?

The carbon dioxide

2.- Do you think greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are always bad for humans and environment?
no, that greenhouse gases are vital to our survival.

3.- In Wich of the following works do people increase the concentration of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and why?

a) cutting down trees
b) driving gasoline-powered automobiles
c) absorving the waters in the atmosphere
d) reflecting solar rays

due to these effects of planet earth

4.- Why greenhouse gases cause global warming and explain it

a) absorbing and reradiating heat from infrared rays
b) absorbing the water in the atmosphere
c) causing the atmosphere to carch fire
d) reflecting solar rays

because it emits but the atmosphere prevents heat from escaping in to space and everthing returns retins is the earths surfar

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