domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

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It is called the greenhouse phenomenon whereby certain gases that are major components of a planetary atmosphere.

Prevents pollutants solar energy received by the earth and return immediately to the space.

It is a natural effect that our planet has evolved to allow the existence of life and is called so that the earth functions as a real greenhouse.

The greenhouse effect applied to the land relates to possible global warming on Earth due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases.

The earth receives only a small amount of energy emitted by the sun, sunlight but not used directly as heat, therefore it is necessary that the atmosphere transforms the solar radiation energy of wind energy, power heat is emitted as infrared radiation into space.

The temperature of our planet is perfect, since it is not too cold or too hot, thanks to these conditions in any part of the planet earth there is life.

The atmosphere of the earth is made up of many gases but the most important is the oxygen that is essential for life.

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