domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

Training text

Training text What are instructional texts? The instructional texts are instructions that are present daily in our daily lives, both at school and beyond. The very use of technological means allowing us to follow instructions require the management of this type of instructional texts. Instructional texts intended to guide the procedures in detail, clearly and precisely to perform some activity either simple or complex, according to two characteristics: Guide on how to operate a device or system such as: operating manuals, technical materials, fixing appliances, etc. They explain how to prepare something from the elements and processes, dividing the list of items or materials required and the procedure itself, developing the instructions. For example: A recipe, how to knit a sweater, etc.
FEATURES The main features of instructional texts are: It requires a special format characteristic. Development of procedures consisting of detailed steps that must be met to achieve a result. (Sequences are usually fixed but sometimes it is possible to change). Language clear, direct and linear. Use graphic marks and numbers, asterisks or dashes or sequencing to differentiate the series of steps. It can be accompanied with graphics, illustrations or drawings, as the type of training text to be developed. Applied to children in the early grades of primary education, the illustrations allow greater focus in the process.

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