viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010


1.-How is the tuna classified?
The tuna is classified according to weinght in kilograms and with the species

2.-What does gutting mean?
Then they are cleaned carefully to remove the vicera

3.-Why are the tuna pieces washed?
For eremove residues of blood, gusts and other parts

4.-How many time are the fishes cooked with a temperature of 100ºC?
For a periodo of 4 hour for tuna sized weighing 80 pounds

5.-What foar are bones, fat and skin used?
They are used to produce fish meal raw materials for feed production

6.-What is the main reason for add cover liquid?
It serves as heat transfer might be present

7.-What is the most importan phase in all process?
The phase 11 of: sterilization

8.-Why is labelling of products done in manual form?
For each of the cans, which allows to separate the cans with physical defect

9.-What is the lifespan for the finished product?
The product has a lifespan of about four years

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