jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Read "the dog and the shadow" then answer the questions
1.-Why was the dog carring the piece of meat?
Because the dog wanted to eat it in peace

2.-What did happen when the dog see his own shadow reflected?
Because the dog was thinking another dor with another piece of meat

3.-What did happen when the dog open his mouth?
The piece of meat fell out

4 *What is the moral of the reading?
Should be satisfied with what we have, and we should not desire things of others, that by going after them, we will lose what we

5 *- What kind of narrative are reading?
It is a fable

6 * Find the prayer that is part of the introduction:
The dog got a piece of meat and took it with her mouth taking it home to eat in peace

7 * What kind of narrator participates in reading?


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